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Review: Gelid Tranquillo Rev2


All in all we were impressed and surprised with the Tranquillo's performance. As we see more and more dual fan configuration coolers or at least capable coolers, the Gelid choose not to make this an option on the Tranquillo but rather use the space and area to further enhance cooling capabilities. The design not only enhanced cooling capabilities but also reduced size and weight of the cooler. Since this is only the 2nd revision of the 2nd cooler released by Gelid we would suspect that there is a lot more to come from the company that will further impress the audience. Also unusual is for such a young company to offer a long 5 year warranty for this product. This shows a lot of confidence by the company into the product.

The Gelid Tranquillo handled the fully loaded i7 930 @ 4.0GHz well and was able to keep it below 90c degrees. Considering that most future platforms will use less power and produce less heat we believe it save to say that this cooler will perform well here. The gathered results are good even without a 2nd fan option.

Analyzing the testing results for the Gelid Tranquillo shows that there is more potential and room for improvement. A stronger fan can make a substantial difference in the results and make them look much better then they are already. A slightly larger body, more heatpipes and a stronger fan could make this cooler a serious contender for the cooling crown.

There are not a lot of down side we found with this cooler. The only thing we really could wish for was maybe some sturdier fan wire clips or even better some rubberized plastic clip-on mechanism. We appreciated the spring loaded thumbnuts but they would have been even better if the springs were somehow attached to the thumbnut. As of now, it's a 2-piece design and there is nothing that holds the spring in place or on the thumbnut. Other then that the Tranquillo was nice to work with.

The Gelid Tranquillo was released on June 30, 2011 and is available stores now. The current MSRP is $39.99 USD. The performance and results of this cooler support and justify the price and make this a good value. We can recommend this cooler.

The Gelid Tranquillo Rev2 receives the TechREACTION.net Gold Silicon Award!

We would like to thank Gelid for making this review possible.

We also would like to thank all our readers, contributors and vendors for the continued support.

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