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Review: Gelid Tranquillo Rev2

Unboxing, Packaging and Accessories:

The packaging of the Gelid Tranquillo is presentable. The cooler comes in a fairly sturdy box. The cooler is secured in a clear plastic lining container. All accessories are collected in a separate box. On the box are product images as well as description and specifications.

Gelid Tranquillo - Box

Gelid Tranquillo - Box

Opening the box reveals the cooler, fan, and accessories.

Gelid Tranquillo - Box

Gelid Tranquillo - Box

Taking the cooler out of the box reveals the cooler itself, along with the accessories and manual.

Gelid Tranquillo - Box

Gelid Tranquillo - Box


All the accessories needed for a full installation are included. The package contains mounting kits for AMD and Intel CPU socket configurations, as well as a manual and a small tube of thermal paste. All accessories are kept neatly together in a plastic baggies which are stored in a separate accessories box.

Universal Items:

  • Multi option Backplate
  • 4 small Screws
  • 4 Long Screws
  • 4 Bolts
  • 4 Foam Washers
  • 4 Springs
  • 2 Fan clips
  • Generic Thermal Paste
  • Gelid Sticker

AMD Set:

  • AMD Clip - Mounting bracket

Intel Set:

  • Intel Clip - Mounting bracket

The mounting kit has many universal parts. Besides the Mounting bracket/ Hold-down plate just about all parts are intended for both AMD and Intel.

Gelid Tranquillo - Box


There is a single manual. The manual is in a foldout-map style.

Gelid Tranquillo - Box

The manual is well-documented, with images and diagrams as well as text. The instructions are clear and straightforward as well as easy to understand, and are offered in multiple languages.

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