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Privacy Policy

Effective: June 22, 2011

Codisha.com (also referred to as: We, Us, Our, Codisha), are committed to protecting any data that we collect concerning you. The use of services provided by Codisha.com implies your agreement of the collection and use of personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The policy encompasses Codisha.com and all it's subsidiaries and affiliated businesses.

  1. Our Commitment to Your Privacy and Your Protection

    We will only collect a minimum amount of information about you that is necessary to provide you with the services requested. We are committed to not collect and/or store any information about You other then your name, address, city, state, zip, phone and e-mail. Your privacy and security is paramount here at Codisha and do so by limiting the amount and type of information we can and will gather about you.

  2. How Do We Use your Information?

    Your information is not shared with other businesses unless You specifically authorize it. You information will not be sold, traded or in any other way made available to third parties. You personal contact information will only be stored for accounting, mailing list and notification purposes. You can at anytime request for your personal information to be deleted. Please contact us to do so.

  3. Financial Information About Aou

    All financial transactrion involving Codisha will not collect and/or store any financial information about you at Codisha. All financial transaction are conducted through 3rd parties and affiliates which will ultimatley be resposible for the safeguarding of your financial information and personal information that are collected through that transaction. We select our affiliates well but recommend that you consult our affilates Privacy Policy if in doubt or have any concerns.

  4. Web Tracking and Cookies

    Our website(s) will install a browser cookie. The cookie is intended for statistical and verification purposes only. The Cookie itself will not collect any personal information about you or any activity on our website(s). The Cookie is very generic in nature and not harmful or malicious in nature. The Cookie can be deleted and is not required to interact with the website.

  5. Third Party Log In

    We provide social features for Facebook and Google+ users. These API plugins are autonomous and do not share data with Codisha or Codisha with those social API plugins beyond traffic data and statistical tracking. Please contact the affiliate API provider for Privacy Policy and Use information. We shall not be held responsible for the collection of data by these 3rd party API's, any information or material you provide, share, collect or in any other way obtain or use in context with these API's.

  6. The Facebook API and the CodishaApp

    The Facebook Social plugin API allows users to interact with the Codisha.com website through the CodishaApp which has been established in conjunction with the Codisha Facebook Page and the Codisha Facebook Group.

    This allows user to be safely and securely authenticated by the Facebook API and without interaction or interception off Codisha.com The API is solely operated by Facebook and directly interacts with the CodishaApp. In order to log in via our Facebook API and in order to interact with other Facebook API's on the Codisha website you will have to allow access to the CodishaApp. The CodishaApp will adhere here to our already existing company philosophy and Privacy Policy and only collect a minimum amount of information to facilitate your authentication.

Codisha is interested in your safety. We recommend to practice safe browsing habits and encourage to report any suspicious behavior or wrong doing you might observe along the way.