FTW Project is continuing

The Intel i7 860 is ordered as well as the EVGA P55 FTW.
Another set of Corsair Dominator GT’s is coming as well to complete 8Gb of RAM.
I wanted to setup everything in a new case but will use BoTBlue, with a little overhaul.
The Foxconn BlackOps and acquired Intel QX9650 will be on the bench table.

A few new toys arrived

The new I7/860 w/ EVGA FTW will be delayed till spring for now.
Foxconn BlackOps, Intel QX9650, Corsair Dominator GT 2000 .. will try to get that up and running soon.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!!! Tyler Francis and welcome to the world!
Born on weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces

FrontPage was moved and update

The FrontPage is now the “About Us” page and can be found at the “About Us” link on the bottom of the page. The new FrontPage will highlight current updates and events.

BoTBlue Upgrade

A new Project is in the planning. It will be based around a Intel P55 motherboard and the Intel i7-860 processor combination.

New Services

New services are ordered and should be up and running soon. This will improve the look and feel of the website.


We will be moving from Compton, CA to Covina, CA.
I am expecting some down time but hope I can keep it to a minimum.
Contact information will be updated