Folding@Home Milestones

We are passing up HWA aka Hardware Analysis Forum today.

We will also break the 2.5Mil mark soon.
* We are also in need of help and would like You to join the Team. *
You can find more information on the Folding@Home tab.

3rd Annual “March Madness” is done

Congrats to all the price winners!

At this point I would like to add
stanhemi @ TPU and Road_Runner @ XS and IanY @ XS to the list of people.
This is why I am dedicate to folding. I hope for the best for you guys and your families.

Home of PoppaGeek

PoppaGeek is a regular over at XS Forum. He made a website with a good collection of information about Folding@Home and other Distributed Computing Projects. Check it out.

Showing support

Recently a member of the XS and TPU forums has passed away in the fight of cancer. The screen name Loonym will be missed. He is not the only forum member that has passed because of cancer and there are many more members with family that are fighting cancer. Codisha is sending out condolences and best wishes to all the victims and family and forum members that are affected by cancer. Codisha is set out to fight cancer and already provided a decent impact with the Folding@Home project. Now, in dedication to those affected, we are taking on the challenge and increase our support by launching a new project to support Folding@Home.