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Welcome to the Project and Build Log

Here you will find a collection of projects and build logs we have conduct over the time. This page will focus mainly on Computer building, Computer upgrading and Computer modifications.

I will also included the changes and progress of some projects and how they have been upgraded or changed over time.

This website itself is also a project and is still very much so in the development process. If you have any suggestions or words of advise please contact me. If there is something You would like see in particular to computer modding or upgrading or have a product reviewed, contact me and I will see what I can do to make that possible.

I hope to make many improvements to the site with your help and provide the information you are looking for.

Here are the Projects and builds:

  • Coming Soon...

    The BoTBlue Project will undergo some minor upgrades.

  • Antec 300 Mod

    The Antec 300 Mod is a rather minor mod in order to fit a 240 Radiator.

  • BoTBlue Build

    The BoTBlue Project was my first real plunge into water cooling and modding.

  • BotServer 1 Build

    The server that is making it happen.

  • BotServer 2 Build

    This was the backup domain controller, etc

  • Desperation Build

    I had to build this wannabe server out of complete desperation.

  • BotHTPC Build

    BotHTPC Build Project and Updates

  • BoTMatrix Retired

    BotMatrix is Dead .. for now

  • Till Box1 Build

    Customer Build - Till Box1

All systems have been build in house and by hand.