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The BotServer1 - Codisha.com

If you have followed the Desperation Server Build then it should have taken you here in the timeline. As you may have noticed I was in my desperation build I was in dire straights. I had to recover a Raid quickly or loss all my data and get the Server up and running ASAP to maintain the website.

Without the server there is no website, nor email or internet or anything. Not good. The Desperation build carried me over but is/was no permanent solution by any means.

So I set out to build the BotServer1. I had a little bit more time with this build but still needed to get it up and running soon. I was not comfortable nor confidant in the Desperation build.

With the new server I also set out to make some more changes and build something fairly solid and something that would last for a little while .. at least.

The BotServer1 now consist of 3 Raid sets. The first is the OS raid and occupies 3x 74Gb WD Raptor's in a Raid 5 configuration. The second Raid set consists of 4x 750Gb Samsung F1's in a Raid 5 configuration. This is where the original storage is and I recovered the data. The third Raid is newly acquired and consists of 3x 1.5Tb Seagate also in a Raid 5 configuration. I am hoping that the Seagate's will replace the Samsung's eventually.

I am very happy with the Samsung drives but the Seagate's are just too good of a value at this price. Plus I would have to get 4 more Samsung drives to match the storage capacity of the 3 Seagate drives. I will get a 4th Seagate and then give it some time and do some performance and reliability testing before I make the final switch. I can then retire the Samsung Raid and save the power usage of 4 extra drives which amounts up to 50w.

The BotServer1 will also be treated to 8Gb of OCZ Platinum Ram that I used in my main rig. The server will be running MS Windows SBS Server 2008 and could use the extra memory and I am also thinking along the lines of Hyper-V, etc.

Those are some of the details but here are some of the pictures:

BoTServer 1 - Full setup.

BoTServer 1 - HDD cooling 2x 120mm fan plus 80mm-120mm attachment. Cooling the HDD bays and creating air flow for the server.

BoTServer 1 - extra 120mm rad for extra cooling. I carried on the idea from the Desperation Build

BoTServer 1 - Swiftech Apogee Drive.

BoTServer 1 - Areca ARC-1220 Raid wireing.

All systems have been build in house and by hand.
created by
Edward 'BoT' Reese