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BotMatrix Build

The BotMatrix Build, one of my first ventures into watercooling.

The BotMatrix Build was one of my first ventures into watercooling and helped my gain a substantial amount of insight and experience.

At the time I felt that I have reached my limits with conventional aircooling. Because of my success in overclocking, cooling became more and more of a priority.

The name stems from my prominante username "BoT" and the case I used. The case is a ThermalTake MATRIX V3000

The watercolling parts or almost all contained within Swiftech's H20-220 watercooling kit. This kit was an awesome starter kit for anybody who would want to get there feet wet but not shell out hugh amount of money

Today there are various similar kits and some well out perform this one.

The kit is originally a CPU loop only kit but fairly easily expandable. Over the time I made various moddifications to the kit. I changed coolants, added a Swiftech Obsidian water block for the GPU and later changed the CPU block and pump.

Here are some pictures of a time in between changes:

The BotMatrix Build has been retired for some time now and was originally replaced by the BoTBlue Project. The BoTBlue Project was my firts serious watercooling project.

The BotMatrix Build is now retired and a resurection might happen some time later, who knows.

All systems have been build in house and by hand.
created by
Edward 'BoT' Reese