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Free Internet, Google Fiber and why this is for everyone.

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This is for everyone
"This is for everyone"

"This is for everyone"

by Tim Berners-Lee aka TimBL

founder of the World Wide Web Foundation

Free is free. Free is good. Is it still that way? Reading many blogs and speaking to some more people it sometimes seems as either free is not free enough or free is overrated.

Google, yes this is much about Google. Again you might say. Google has been amongst one of the companies named in support of a new organization called the ""The Internet Association". The organization has been established as a communications and lobbying tool. The Internet Association is dedicated to advancing public policy solutions to strengthen and protect an open, innovative and FREE Internet.

Free, here it is again. That little word that seems to make such a huge difference. For some it's on a positive note and for others on a negative. Not everything can be free and not everything should be free but there are some things that were born free, born to be free and were meant to be free and should remain free. The internet is one of them.

If you have watched the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games you would probably have seen Tim Berners-Lee's message he sent to the world. "This is for everyone". Tim Berners-Lee's is the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation which is deemed to be the origination of the Worldwide Web (WWW). It is clear as day. Free is implied in this message here. A view shared by many around the world. It resulted in the formation of "The Internet Association supported by many mayor internet players as well as many other groups and movements like the open source movement.

This is for everyone

Google has recently released Google Fiber. With this Google enters not only the ISP market but also the Television Service provider market. The project is ambitious and currently still in test and is only rolled out in Kansas City but it has already seen some great successes. Despite the fact that the program has only been live for a few days the competition is not sleeping and has kicked off big campaigns to lock subscribers into long term contracts before they can take advantage of this opportunity.

So why do I mention Free Internet, Google Fiber and "This is for everyone" all in this article and in one sentence here? Because it all is in conjunction with information about FREE. It is because the roll out of Google Fiber could significantly impact the landscape of the internet. Google's offer with Google Fiber could still be better received then it currently is. In some of the less wealthy neighborhoods in Kansas City, it seems adoption is slower then in others. The wealthier neighborhoods have almost all met their goals or are only a handful away from meeting their goals. This is somewhat surprising to me as the service absolutely caters to a very broad income demographic. Adoption is somewhat critical to future roll outs of the service as it largely depends on how well the program is received.

Vast majority of Informatio, articles and blogs you will find and read about the Google Fiber rollout and it's adoption and implementation will not only mention the amazing 1000 Mbps speed which should be a selling point by itself but also the possible inclusion or exclusion of television service. If you read the better articles and blogs you will also hear about the inclusion of 1TB, yes that's 1TB of Google drive storage plus you will receive a Google Nexus 7. Did I mention that there are no data caps? Enough said? You need more convincing? How much will all of this set me back, you ask? All-in-all $120 Dollars. It drops to $70 Dollars if you leave out the TV package.

This is more then what you probably pay now for internet service. Yes it is. Even if you go with Verizon's FIOS service you will probably pay about $25 - $50 depending on which package you choose. Broadband cable service can now be had for as low as $20 Dollars and DSL as low as $15 Dollars. Would be nice to have 1 Gbps but the price is not justifiable, right? Here is what I didn't here mentioned by any of these blogs and articles. If you can't or don't want to afford the 1 Gbps super dooper speed internet, Google Fiber will provide you with a 5Mbps download, 1Mbps upload speed • No data caps connection for FREE. Yes, here is this little word again that can change everything. All that is required is a $300 Dollars installation fee and you will receive FREE internet service for a guaranteed 7 years with still faster speeds then your DSL and close to many broadband cable services.

FREE is the new free. How can you beat free. You can't. The $300 Dollar installation fee comes out to be about $3.58 per month if you keep the service for 7 years. An insane offer that could not, should not be refused. I just hope that folks in Kansas City are aware of this. This is the best offer you can get no matter how small your income is. I hope that there will be a better responds from the lower income neighborhoods as a lot of what is going on in Kansas right now will layout the path of the future of Google Fiber and/or the lack thereof.

In my opinion Google is not just pushing the envelope with this roll out but it has the potential of completely disrupting the landscape of ISP's and Television providers or really just about any Internet and Media providers. It could help connect even more people. People that have previously not been able to chime in and  contribute to the internet and it would push and further solidify the Free with internet.

This development and the possible future outcome could not only spark an internet service and media service revolution but effect many other service and infrastructures. I already pre-registered and if you are in support, so should you. The more people sign up, the faster the roll out.

created by
Edward 'BoT' Reese