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Diggnation live, coming to an end.

Yes you heard right or if you haven't heard it yet, you know now.


Diggnation aired it's last live show on 01/18/12. The show will go on but in a recorded setting which softens the blow.

Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, the hosts of the show for 7 years have decided to change the pace of the show. The beer drinking internet host duet had a great deal of success and recognition with Diggnation which was kicked off shortly after the famous website Digg.com

I first became somewhat of a fan when I saw "The Broken". Kevin and Double D hosted the show which was a good deal more "underground" or how Kevin liked to call it "shady". Kevin and Revision3 have completely abandoned the "The Broken" project and moved on to bigger and better things which turned out to be Revision3 and Diggnation.

Revision3 was born a short time before Diggnation by Jay Adelson and was essentially the platform for the show which almost immediatlly started to take off. Today Revision3 has a wealth of shows running and even more stored in it's achieves. Revision3 transformed from a media startup into a internet media platform. Shows such as Tekzilla, Hak5, HD Nation, Geekbeat, Lifehacker, The Totally Rad show and now even TheSoldierKnowsBest amongst other are now on the menu.

I very much enjoyed the last couple of shows which took a winding road down memory lane for the show and the two hosts and in times even allowed the two "cool geek factor" hosts to become a little bit emotional. It's always a good time watching the show and these two last episodes are no exception.

I hope you will enjoy this Part 1 of the last LIVE show.


I hope you will enjoy this Part 2 of the last LIVE show.


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created by
Edward 'BoT' Reese