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The AT&T Fail .. major FAIL!

As some of you may know or have noticed the website was down from 02/17/10 to 02/20/10. This was due to AT&T's screw up.

The Story behind it.


I signed up with AT&T's internet service .. again .. after the move to our new location. I had AT&T before and was already not too impressed with their Internet service. I tried it again with the hopes that the new location might be a better service location for AT&T and improve the service.

At the previous location I had signed up for 768/3000 but only received 512/1500. Not great but hey, it was something. It's was something to work with.

However, about every other week or so the service would just suddenly drop for about half a day to a day. That's not something I was taking lightly. After all AT&T was charging a good amount as we received a business line with a static IP.

Moving to the new location raised hopes and I was once again confident in AT&T. Right off the start, I ordered 768/6000. Upload speeds were not too great but download speed were decent. What did I get 768/1500 which then dropped to 384/1500. Bad .. very ..

AT&T's Tech Support blamed it on the in-house wiring at the new place, which turned out to be somewhat true. I found out about this after I got in touch with a technician from Covad. Covad is the actual service provider for my area. Even though we did not have a service agreement with Covad they still send out a technician to help us out. The tech determined that it was the in-house wires. Some of it was old and some might have been crossed along the way.

Ok, still we decided to stay with AT&T, thinking about all kinds of solutions to get around the in-house wiring issue as it seemed to be the only problem that the service is not provided as desired. Two things that came to mind were:

1. To establish a wireless bridge from the phone box to the PC. Many walls in between, it could have worked but who knows how well and reliable.

2. To route a new wire (Cat5e or Cat6) from the phone box to the PC/ Modem. 350 feet of effort. I actually got the Landlord and Manager to agree with plan.

Then out of the blue before we even could decide on what or what not to do, the service stops, 02/17/10, the date. Of course we started calling around, spend countless hours on automated voice systems until we finally got through. I was told that I do not have internet service with AT&T. ?_? Yes, not in "no service right now" which I was very well aware of but as in "no service at all" .. ever.

Only phone service, no internet. A business phone line I was talked into because it is required to have if you use Business DSL which is required if you need a static IP. The joker phone line runs about $35 some Dollars for basic service. Not even long distance. Anyways, back to the story.

I had them look for any prior records .. nothing. All the way back to when I had service at the old location and still, nothing .. nothing current.

So I was obviously a little puzzled but I was not the only one. I was met with silence when I asked who was providing me with service for all this time.

I don't want to bash AT&T too hard but one thing is for sure. I will not get internet service from AT&T again ... anytime soon .. if at all.

Intrigued by this mishap I checked my billing statements and apparently I have not been billed or paid for the horrible and then non-existing service either. I surely would have demanded a refund and already dreaded the fierce battle.
At least something positive came out of this.

Follow up

After many more calls to AT&T's Customer Service as well as Technical Support it finally was concluded that AT&T indeed did provide us with service. We found out from the Collections dept. though. You see were this is going?

Apparently AT&T was awaken from it's amnesia and suddenly found records of us having service and claims that they have not been compensated for those services. After further investigating and litigating with AT&T it turned out that we indeed did not receive a bill .. ever. AT&T did not have our correct address on file. Believe that.

Over a 6 month period we had 2 technicians come out, conducted dozens of phone calls but they can even get our address right.

Of course we still had to pay for the service for the full 6 month without any compensation for the service outage.

Lesson learned .. the hard way.

created by
Edward 'BoT' Reese