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YaDisMe! - The About Me page.

System Builder, Web Developer / Designer

P.O. Box 3087, Covina CA, 91722 U.S.
(626) 869-8203

Hello folks, my name is Edward Reese. Nickname "BoT" if You haven't noticed. The head behind Codisha. I work on computers more as a hobby but it is becoming more and more of a job that I enjoy. I am taking on more outside work and now am at a point where I even consider doing this fulltime and lay my primary job to rest.

I have been around and about computers since the tender age of 8. My mother bought our first computer. It was a Commodore VC-20. =) Good old times.

Within less then a year we upgraded to the well known Commodore C-64. It was love at first site. I learned to write some "Basic" code and started to write small games and basic applications at the age of 10. I was into "Kraftwerk" and played their album probably about a 1000 times back then. Lol.

I was very interested in Electronics and Mechanics early on and started to take apart remote controlled cars and put them back together. With the intention to tune them up of course. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't but I was quick to adapt and learn from my failures.

After graduating High school I started an 3 1/2 year apprenticeship training to become a Communication Electronics Technician with Deutsch Telekom AG in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany and completed the training successfully and gained a tremendous amount knowledge and experience about electricity, electronics and communication electronics.

Yes, I am originally from Germany. I was born and raised their and came to the U.S.A. in spring 1999. I was then 23, going on 24, so you make the math.

After High school I was drafted to the German basic military service and completed my service. It was a good time and a trying time and I gained valuable experiences and many hard learned live lessons.

After I left the military service behind me I went on to school again, this time a vocational school to be trained as a Computer Service Technician.
Here is were I learned more in depth about many of the things I learned previously in my apprenticeship training. Microelectronics, microprocessors, logics as well as Turbo Pascal and Fortran.
It included also Novell NetWare and Windows NT 4.0 networking technologies.

This is where I discovered my passion for networking. The school ended after one year and I was finally looking for a real job.

A few interviews later with mostly smaller companies I find myself in a big conference room at Samsung Electronics German Headquarters.

The Managers, one German and one Korean, interviewing me. I was excited but had no doubt that I would not be selected. After an hour of grilling me I get a smile and a "we will be in contact with you Mr. Reese" speech. I still had doubts, now probably more them before.

Two weeks later I get the call to come back in. This time to negotiate and sign the contract. It was like going to Disneyland for the very first time.
I started the next day as a IT Support Technician. A three man team for one of the largest semi-conductor makers in the world. The two managers and me. Soon I found out what the corporate world was about. My first experience, not a pretty one.

Being in that environment made me realize that I had a tremendous amount of technical knowledge but totally neglected the administrative and organizational part as well as establishing a corporate attitude. After some turmoil between the German Manager and me, the Korean Manager sat me down and asked when I was ready for the corporate world. My answer was "I might never be". I was still very young (21y) and angry at world at the time. He understood and was taken by my response.

I decided to leave the company instead of continuing a bitter battle. I prefered to salvage a somewhat good relationship and leave in good terms to go back to school, college this time.

I did well in my first couple of semesters and got involved with the schools news paper, excelled in math and completed pre-med but live was haunting me and my personal thoughts and believes would not let me rest.

It was time for change, it was time for venture, it was time for adventure .. it was time for something radical.I decided to "visit" the United Stats. Not just another school, job, neighborhood, city or country. A different continent. Another reason was to meet my father and his side of the family which I had never met. The big unknown.

It would be a life changing experience. Four weeks with people that are closer to me then anyone else on this earth and yet at the same time never met and that I don't know.

I left on march 21, 1999; 23 years old with no more then a sea bag and a thousand bucks in my pocket. With no more then a few old letters to go by and a phone call from very old men who claimed to be my grandfather.

Today (2011), ten years later, I am still here, in the U/S. Have two beautiful children and one on the way and a spouse that is very dear to me. This is home now even though I still miss many of the things in Germany. I am still in close contact with my sister and her family, my nephew and also some good old friends from there. The Internet is amazing and makes it possible to stay in touch.

I now work for the Walt Disney Studios where I work as a Dispatcher.

I also almost completed 8 years of service with the US Navy as a reservist where I was a Network Administrator for most of the time.

I am Systems Builder and Certified Computer and Network Technician. I also hold Certifications in Computer Network Security and Penetration Testing as well as Network System Administration.

I mostly build customized Computer System and Network solutions for End-Users, SOHO (Small Office/ Home Office) Customers and SMB (Small and Medium Business) Customers.

The Systems I build are usually task specific and customized to the needs and requirements of the customer and/or the task.

Me showing off. Pretty neat huh?
Resume for BoT:
Me showing off. Pretty neat huh?