New MashModo theme – unofficial pre release

This is the MashModo theme. The MashModo theme is a tribute to Mashable and Gizmodo web designs. I was really intrigued by Mashables menu bar and how much it frees up the head of a website. I also found Gizmodo’s excerpt post design very useful. This theme is not to take away from these two great implementations of web design but to tribute to it. The theme does not fully replicate either of the designs in look, feel and/or functionallity and was not intended to do so but rather build on the idea.
The theme was carved out of Automattics Twentythirteen theme which is also a great piece of work by Automattic and I appreciate all the great work by the Automattic team.

I am fairly new to web development and web design and this is my first, so far unofficial, release for a wordpress theme. I will continue to work on this and hope to be able to have it ready soon for an official release with wordpress.

I would appreciate any and all feedback for the theme as it would greatly help to improve whatever needs to be improved.

Get it here: MashModo