Changing Post Meta information and markup

I am attemting to change some of the “meta” information for blog posts. In particular the “Quote Caption” location of the Quote Post Format. This is really only applicable to WP 3.6+ which is currently still in beta. I have been working on a theme which was based on Automattic’s “Twentythirteen” theme which makes great used of the new features in WP 3.6+.

I changed the post layout so that the category will be on top followed by title. In case of the “Quote Post Format” the category will be named according to the category “Quote” in order to keep them easily searchable by category instead of post type. Everything worked out good so far but I did encounter one problem.


Underneath the title of the quote, which is not actually really a title but rather the caption, i wanted to list the author and the source of the quote. The meta for the quote post format pulls the information automatically and displays it underneath the quote itself. Which is not where i want it. I could relocated via CSS; however, i don’t want anything funky to happen if someone uses a different browser. I would much rather pull the meta into the location where i want it. I am not a complete noobie to PHP and/or WP but things I have tried so far have not worked out so I hope to get some help.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.