Starting my WordPress experience

So here I am, starting my journey with WordPress. I have used WordPress before but not very intensive. I actually hand coded my previous website, literally from the ground up. It was mainly HTML practice and helped me out a lot on enjoying to learn HTML and CSS. With WordPress I hope to take my skills beyond the basics and beyond HTML and CSS. I am very interested in JavaScript and hope to make good use of PHP. I purchased a Synology DiskStation which allows me to create an easy worry-free test environment. I am currently coding with Microsoft Web Expression but am making the jump to Sublime 2. I wish i could use Coda but I am not willing to change platform to change my entire technology ecosystem here just to be able to use it, since it is only available for Apple. Yes you guessed it, i am a PC guy. To be honest, I would switch to Linux before I would switch to Apple. I am already not happy with the pricing and infrastructure of Microsoft.
Anyways .. moving on. I already started with WordPress and have a couple sites going including this one. I enjoy it so far and already started working on the theme and have plenty more ideas for more. In my next few posts I will go a little bit more into detail about what I am doing and what I am planning to accomplish.